Bedding you choose is important to the health and performance of your horse


Horse owners are becoming increasingly aware that the bedding you choose is as important to the health and performance of your horse as the feed you provide. The top priorities to consider when making BEDMAX are:

  1. Eliminating Dust – it is estimated that 20% or more of horses in the UK suffer from some degree of respiratory problems to minimise this risk BEDMAX shavings are Dust Free
  2. Supporting hooves –bedding must provide firm, resilient support under the hoof, particularly the frog, and a moisture-controlled environment that will keep the hoof dry, but won’t dry it out. BEDMAX is a large flake shaving designed to provide the right support, they’re dried to a controlled moisture level, and they also help drain urine away from the surface to minimise the effect of ammonia, which attacks the molecular structure of the hoof wall.
  3. Cushioning hocks and joints. With a high proportion of larger, ‘springier’ shavings, BEDMAX provides the ideal combination of protective cushioning and comfort that encourages horses to lie down and rest.
  4. Hygiene – Bedding can provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that will quickly re-contaminate the stable, especially when wet, generating pathogens that can invade and infect the respiratory system, cuts and grazes on the legs, and cracks or splits in the hoof.  BEDMAX shavings may help to provide a natural solution to this problem as it is dried to sterilising temperatures and made predominantly from pine.

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