BEDMAX is a high quality large flake dust free shavings made especially for horses.


BEDMAX is a high quality large flake dust free shaving made from renewable British timber. These shavings are made especially for horses and not from the residue of another wood processing industry; as such they offer many health benefits to the stabled horse.

The shavings are dried to an optimum moisture level at sterilising temperatures, and screened to remove dust. Eliminating dust was Bedmax’s absolute priority when they began making BEDMAX shavings in 2000, and it still is today.

BEDMAX also offers a number of other benefits. With a high proportion of larger, ‘springier’ shavings, BEDMAX provides the ideal combination of protective cushioning and comfort that encourages horses to lie down and rest.

Farriers are also finding that these larger, purpose-made shavings have a beneficial effect on horses’ hooves, offering more support, and creating a drier bed.

It is bedding which is made predominantly from British Pine and scientists are now beginning to confirm that pine has natural antiseptic properties. Pine has been scientifically proven to kill a wide range of harmful bacteria and fungi, including the widespread Escherichia coli (E.Coli) and Enterococcus faecium.

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