Feeding and caring for your laminitic

Collie by Dengie

Here at Dengie we’re devoted to feeding and caring for your laminitic.  With seven products independently approved by The Laminitis Trust – our nutritional excellence speaks for itself!

Dengie’s nutritionists have written articles to help better explain the condition, giving you guidance and advice on how to manage and what to feed your horse or pony this laminitis season.

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Elim-a-Net™ to encourage a slower, more natural eating pattern

Elim-a-Net™ to encourage a slower, more natural eating pattern
Elim-a-Net™ is a must for every horse owner looking to encourage a slower, more natural eating pattern. Elim-a-Net™ is an ideal solution for feeding a greedy or overweight equine, for horses and ponies suffering from/prone to laminitis or prone to weight related conditions, as well as easing boredom and helping to alleviate vices in horses stabled for longer periods of time and horses on box rest.

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Improved NAF Laminaze has been reformulated so now has increased benefits.

NAF 5star_laminaze
If your horse or pony is prone to Laminitis make sure improved Laminaze is part of his daily diet.

Improved Laminaze has been reformulated so that the unique, totally natural formula now has increased benefits. Whilst supplying nutrients to support the health of the hoof and those rich in antioxidants to flush excess toxins out from the system, improved Laminaze offers additional nutritional support specifically for the health of the gut.

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Managing Autumn Laminitis

Managing Autumn Laminitis-Blue Chip
It is commonly thought that laminitis mainly occurs in the spring time with the ‘new’ or ‘spring’ grass coming through.  This however is not the case and autumn can see just as many cases of this crippling disease if not more.  In fact more cases are admitted to the Laminitis Clinic in September than any other month.  Read more