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Support for City of London Police Horses

The City of London Police Mounted Unit in 1910

Speedi-Beet Support for City of London Police Horses

British Horse Feeds, the maker of Speedi-Beet, is delighted to announce support for the iconic mounted unit of the City of London Police.

The eight horses, most of which are fed on Speedi-Beet, carry on a proud tradition of service and duty which began in 1873, patrolling the central city area known as the Square Mile.

Officers and horses of the mounted unit have an extremely positive impact on reducing crime, nuisance and anti-social behaviour. They also help to raise public confidence and reassurance levels and keep the potential for terrorist activity to a minimum.

Each horse is partnered with an officer who is responsible for all aspects of care, including nutrition. The horses have Speedi-Beet included in their diets to provide additional fibre and slow release energy.

Sergeant Jesse Wynne explains: “The horses really enjoy Speedi-Beet and it allows us to provide extra fibre, in addition to their forage, whilst safe in the knowledge that it is non-heating so they remain focused and sensible for patrol.

Jesse-Wynne with Lionheart
Sergeant Jesse Wynne on duty with Lionheart

“We are extremely pleased to have support from British Horse Feeds, reducing our monthly feed bills will help to secure the future of the mounted unit.”

Speedi-Beet is approved by The Laminitis Trust and is produced using best quality British beet pulp. The beet pulp feed is soaked and ready to feed in under ten minutes.

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