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Lamitreat XXXtreme Paste concentrated form for when you need it most

Lamitreat XXXtreme Paste

A concentrated form for when you need it most. Lamitreat XXXtreme paste provides powerful anti-oxidants to quickly ‘mop up’ enzymes in the feet, alongside much needed targeted nutrition to encourage health and support the body’s system.

Lamitreat XXXtreme paste should be given over a 14 day period, a total of five oral pastes (dosage can vary according to size of pony). Condition should then be maintained using Lamitreat Pellets to support a healthy enzyme level within the hooves and provide nutrients to the internal sensitive structures, as well as promoting external hoof wall condition.

Lamitreat XXXtreme paste can also be used safely with an in-foal or lactating mare.


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