Key Elements to Winter Feeding

Feeding your horse this winter
With the night’s drawing in and the days becoming colder we turn our attention to our horse’s winter feeding routine. Colder temperatures will put extra demands on the horse’s metabolism, pasture will have little nutritional value, water buckets will freeze and forage intake will decline as less time is spent grazing, therefore it is important that we reconsider our horse’s diet during this time. Here Words by Llinos Owen MSc, BSc (Hons), Dodson & Horrell Nutritional Advisor and Catherine Rudenko Dodson & Horrell Consultant Nutritionist explain the five key elements to keep in mind while feeding this winter. Read more

Why feed your horse a Balancer?

Balancers are concentrated pellets providing essential nutrients and high-quality protein that meet the horse’s requirements in a low-calorie format. Feeding a consistent amount of balancer allows you to increase or decrease the calories and fibre that you add, without having to alter the feed completely, depending on the horse’s condition and workload. Here we take a look at Dodson & Horrell’s new range of balancers. Read more

Feeding the fussy horse – Why won’t my horse eat up?

Dodson & Horrell Feed
A sudden loss of appetite in a horse is a concern as horses generally will trickle graze. Even so, horses are sensitive feeders that use their sense of smell and lips to source out and investigate food. They are sensitive to the feel, smell and taste of available forages and concentrated feed, and hence sensitive to change. Here Pauline Smith BHSAI Int. (SM) D&H Nutritionist explains why this happens and what you can do. Read more