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Why feed your horse a Balancer?

Balancers are concentrated pellets providing essential nutrients and high-quality protein that meet the horse’s requirements in a low-calorie format. Feeding a consistent amount of balancer allows you to increase or decrease the calories and fibre that you add, without having to alter the feed completely, depending on the horse’s condition and workload. Here we take a look at Dodson & Horrell’s new range of balancers.
The New Balancer Range from Dodson & Horrell is made up of six brand new feed balancers to meet the many different needs of horses and ponies.

Dodson & Horrell Easy Everyday balancer contains optimum levels of vitamins and minerals for horses and ponies in light work or rest and includes pasture herbs for increased palatability. Many horses maintain their weight easily on grass and forage throughout the year, without the need for additional hard feeds. Maintenance of a healthy body condition is not the only thing we should consider about our horses’ health. When the main proportion of the horses’ diet relies on forage, they may not be receiving a completely balanced daily diet. Missing out on vital nutrients could possibly cause issues or lead to onset of illness in the longer term.

Dodson & Horrell Balancer

Horse owners often looks forward to the spring and summer, however just because the quantity of grass is greater, this does not mean the nutrition in it has also improved. There can be significant nutritional gaps in the diet without additional supplementation.

Minerals such as Zinc, Copper and Sodium are often deficient in pasture and Vitamins A and E are reduced in the haymaking process. In fact, it is recommended that grass and hay/haylage is sampled and tested for nutritional value so that you know the nutritional level of your forage.

We all know that nutrient requirements increase with exercise, but just because a horse is in light work or at maintenance, doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from optimum nutrition. Dodson & Horrell Easy Everyday Balancer provides an ideal way to balance a forage-based diet for horses in light work or at maintenance or as part of a controlled weight loss program.

The Balancer Range comes in 15kg bags and in addition to Easy Everyday the range includes:

The Dodson & Horrell range of balancers
The Dodson & Horrell range of balancers

Be Calm – For horses prone to excitability
Go Lite – A low calorie, low protein balancer
Performance – With higher levels of vitamins and minerals to help support horses who are working hard.
Senior Support – Containing increased levels of the vitamins and minerals required by veterans.
Ulcer Sensitive – A cereal grain free balancer, with a complete digestive support package for horses who are prone to ulcers or have sensitive digestive systems.

For more information about any of Dodson & Horrell’s feeds including the new Balancer Range call their friendly team on 0845 345 2627 or use the Live Chat option to talk live to a nutritionist www.dodsonandhorrell.com

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