Feeding the fussy horse – Why won’t my horse eat up?

Dodson & Horrell Feed
A sudden loss of appetite in a horse is a concern as horses generally will trickle graze. Even so, horses are sensitive feeders that use their sense of smell and lips to source out and investigate food. They are sensitive to the feel, smell and taste of available forages and concentrated feed, and hence sensitive to change. Here Pauline Smith BHSAI Int. (SM) D&H Nutritionist explains why this happens and what you can do. Read more

Feeding the ex-racehorse

Dodson & Horrell feeding the ex-racehorse
In addition to being one of the oldest domestic horse breeds in the world, thoroughbreds are also one of the most versatile. After a full career in racing, many individuals transition very successfully into other disciplines. Some become top level eventers and showjumpers, some go on to play polo or horseball, and some become very content pasture companions. Nutrition is a particulalry important management consideration when planning for your ex-racehorse’s new lifestyle. Here Dodson & Horrell Veterinarian and Performance Horse Nutritionist, Dr Courtney Miller BS BVetMed MRCVS explains what to consider when feeding the ex-racehorse. Read more

Spillers Manager qualifies for Badminton Mitsubishi Motors Cup

Nikki Collins
When Nikki Collins isn’t busy working as Trade Sales Manager for Spillers she’s diligently keeping her homebred mare Tilly fit for eventing. This year her dedication has paid off as she has qualified for the prestigious Mitsubishi Motors Cup (formerly Badminton Grassroots Championships). She attributes her passion and determination to her inspiring, horse loving Mum, who sadly lost her battle against bowel cancer in 2014.

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Phoebe Peters is Saracen Horse Feeds Brand Ambassador

Phoebe Peters

Saracen Horse Feeds Welcomes Phoebe Peters as New Brand Ambassador

Saracen Horse Feeds have announced that Pony European Dressage Champion Phoebe Peters has joined their brand ambassador team. The record breaking teenage dressage rider, based in Gloucestershire, has played an instrumental part of the British Team’s success, becoming Pony European Champions in both 2013 and retaining her title in 2015 with her Saracen fed Danish bred gelding SL Lucci. The undisputed champions recently returned from Malmo having broken two world records and winning 3 gold medals with scores reaching +85%.

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