HRH Princess Anne Launches 50th Anniversary Tartan for Riding for RDA

A new tartan has been produced by Lachcarron of Scotland in celebration of 50 years of Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) providing therapy through horses.

The tartan was launched at an anniversary event in Edinburgh by RDA President, Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal. The Princess met with volunteers and participants from around the country and was presented with her very own RDA tartan scarf by brothers Andrew and William McLeod. Read more

Pasture Management for the Long Term

Perfect paddocks aren’t just created over night, they take time, preparation and care. With regular maintenance you can transform your field to stay at its best. Here the team from Suregrow Fertiliser provide advice on how you can create your perfect paddock.

Horses can spend up to 16 hours a day grazing, so it is important for our horse’s health that we invest in their paddocks to benefit them in the long run.

Managing paddocks will differ, depending on how the land is used. Whether your horse is out 24/7, how many horses are in the field and the the number of acres they are in. The size of the horse or pony must also be considered.

Horses are fussy eaters, and therefore will often only eat sections and specific areas of a paddock. Paddocks can then quickly become overgrazed or over stocked and poor management can lead to problems.

To prevent overgrazing regularly rotate your fields to give the grass time to rest. This will help to maintain grass throughout the year and avoid the paddock turning into soil or mud.

Horses tend not to graze those areas where there are droppings. If possible, these should be removed on a daily or weekly basis.

Spring is the perfect time to pay attention to your paddocks. Once the land has started to dry out harrowing is a great way to promote new grass growth and this will help to remove dead grass and lightly rooted weeds.

After the winter season rolling will help to level uneven and poached land. Timing is very important at this stage, if a field is too wet you will make a mess and if the land is too dry you won’t make a significant impact.

Fertilising with Suregrow Fertiliser is a vital component to achieve a well-balanced paddock. It stimulates root development resulting in a denser sward which helps suppress weed growth.

Suregrow fertiliser has been developed to be slow release and low in nitrogen avoiding lush high protein grass which can be harmful to horses and ponies.

When reseeding and over sowing the seed mixture should be carefully chosen. The ideal grass to provide grazing for horses and ponies is not the same grass that farmers might use for silage. A good paddock mixture should be hard wearing, quick to establish and contain the right blend for your paddock. Suregrow’s grass seed range consists of Paddock Grass Seed Mix, Fast Grass, Meadow and Laminitics Grass Mix.

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Harriet Morris-Bamber’s Stress Free Event Preparation Tips

A day’s eventing usually coincides with a very early start, so if you are not prepared in advance you can end up arriving at the venue flustered and not in the best frame of mind to complete your dressage test.

Event rider and trainer Harriet Morris-Baumber is used to ridiculously early mornings, setting her alarm for 3.30am to travel to events up and down the country.

Here, Harriet offers her top tips on how to be prepared to ensure you can jump in the lorry safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need for the day. Read more

Course Designer Captain Mark Phillips for Exciting New Three-Leg Eventing Grand Prix Series at Bolesworth

Captain Mark Phillips, one of the world’s leading cross-country course designers, has been confirmed to build at a new three-leg Eventing Grand Prix series.

Notable for course-designing at Burghley Horse Trials for the last 13 years, Capt Phillips will be responsible for the course at this year’s Cazenove Capital Eventing Grand Prix held at the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show. Read more

The British Palomino Society National Championships 45th Year

The annual British Palomino Society National Championships for Palominos and Cream Dilutes at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern – is one event not to miss – save the date of 13th & 14th July 2019.

This year will be the society’s 45th consecutive year of running this prestigious show which is set to be one of the best ever with a host of classes and events running over the weekend. Read more

Training for Leg Yield with Maria Eilberg

Dressage rider and trainer Maria Eilberg talks about leg yielding courtesy of her sponsors Amerigo and Sprenger.

“When training on the flat, suppleness is a key element which should be carefully attended to and developed. A useful exercise which can significantly help to improve suppleness is leg yield. It is the first lateral exercise that is introduced to a horse and involves working on two tracks.

Leg yield is the most basic of lateral movements and encourages looseness and flexibility across the whole of the horse’s body whilst ensuring that the rider uses the correct aids and leg positioning to influence the horse. Read more

Adventurer in custom made tricycle with two new equine friends and a dog

Emma Massingales Tricycle
Adventurer and animal whisperer Emma Massingale, from Holsworthy in Devon is once again embarking on a ground-breaking trip that no-one has ever attempted before. This time she is planning a 1000 mile cycle across Europe. “Interesting”, you might say, “Yet surely not unique?”. But Emma, in her inimitable style, has given the challenge her own, particular twist, by commissioning a custom made tricycle, in which she will carry two new equine friends and her dog Inca, as she pedals from Switzerland back to the UK, following the River Rhine. Read more

Jumping at Home with Ros Canter

Last year saw Ros Canter take third place at Badminton and Luhmuhlen Horse Trials and become World Champion after taking Individual and Team Eventing Gold Medals at the World Equestrian Games in North Carolina, USA. Here the FEI World Number One Event Rider, Ros, shares her insight into jumping at home to improve your skills and prepare for a competition courtesy of her sponsor Equipe. Read more