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Nurturing Nutrition with Keyflow

Keyflow Nurture

Keyflow have added two stud rations to their unique range of premium feeds. Formulated by leading
equine nutritionists using the latest research data, new Keyflow Nurture, and Nurture Pro, can be used for broodmares, stallions and growing youngstock.

While Keyflow Nurture is a fully balanced, high fibre feed designed for horses that are largely in a stabled environment, Nurture Pro is a concentrated balancer that can either be used to supplement good grazing or added to existing Keyflow rations to aid muscular development in performance horses or for yearling sales preparation.

Keyflow Nurture

At the heart of these low sugar, low starch rations are Keyflow’s trademark manufacturing methods which include steam extrusion to ‘pre-digest’ the nutrients for maximum absorption. In addition, the nutrient-dense formulations deliver key ingredients including chelated minerals and proteins tailored for quality growth and development. DHA Omega 3 fatty acids from algae are added to support broodmares at all stages of pregnancy and to help foals feed for longer at colostrum. DHA also promotes optimal soft tissue development in growing youngstock, and good semen motility in stallions.

For further information or to request a free sample call 01672 519000, email advice@keyflowfeeds.com or visit keyflowfeeds.com

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