Easy Pack produces three high quality beddings for your horse

Easy Pack Premium_bale

Easy Pack produces three high quality beddings for your horse: Chopped Straw, Chopped Miscanthus and Premium.

Chopped Straw: locally sourced straw finely chopped, dust extracted and treated with Eucalyptus for a pleasant aroma, whilst deterring the horse from eating their bed.  Great for daily mucking out, Easy Pack Chopped straw is absorbent, light to work with and economic.

Miscanthus: is capable of absorbing up to three times its own weight in liquid, has a naturally low dust content and coarse texture, not palatable to horses.  Miscanthus creates a dense and supportive bed that ideal for horses with laminitis or respiratory problems, as well as those horses spending long periods of time in their stables and deep litter beds.

Premium: carefully selected, finely chopped oilseed rape straw for a luxurious, soft, absorbent, hygienic, fresh scented bedding for your horse.  Premium Bedding is the ideal choice for sensitive horses or those with respiratory problems.

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