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BEDMAX offer advice on making the most of your shavings


BEDMAX have provided this report on making the most of your shavings

Bespoke shavings have been developed to offer horse owners a bedding that scores top marks in three essential areas of value: equine welfare, cost effectiveness, and sustainability.

This is how you make the most of it in all three areas:

Equine Welfare.

Tailor made shavings such as BEDMAX shavings are designed to provide your horse with a deep, resilient, cushioning, completely natural, dust free bed. Preparing the bed properly in the first instance will make the most of all these benefits. We recommend a bed at least six inches deep to provide the optimum comfort, protection and drainage. Regular mucking out will keep the surface of the bed clean, loose, supportive and dry  – an important factor in keeping hooves and legs in good condition. Using the right fork will minimise any waste of clean shavings, requiring only one bag of new shavings a week to maintain an ideal bed.

Cost Effectiveness.

If you use them properly, large dust free shavings will last longer than most other forms of bedding. They will not break down, compact or flatten as some shavings do, and they will remain resilient and supportive for longer, and the surface will remain dry for longer. If maintained properly, they won’t coagulate into the hard, lumpy substrate that smaller shavings form when they get wet.


Many customers ask us what to do with their used shavings. So we have commissioned an independent study to find out. The answer is that the best solution is to compost them with the dung and some green garden waste. You don’t need to add anything, or cover them. Just aerate them (fluff them or turn them) each month and under normal conditions your used shavings will make a great compost that can be returned to the soil. Many customers are already doing this, completing a sustainable circle that makes BEDMAX shavings one of the most environmentally responsible ways to provide your horse with a bed that ticks all the important boxes.

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