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A Dynamic Dressage Duo


Warwickshire-based Gareth and Rebecca Hughes have achieved international success over the years, setting the dressage world alight with their consistent performance at top-level.

With the help from Protexin their horses achieve peak fitness and health all year round and they are keen advocates of the benefits probiotics deliver.

Gareth has amassed more than 30 National and International titles over the years while Rebecca has won the 5-year-old National Championship, the Hickstead National 6- year-old Championship, the Shearwater National Championship and many more.

Gareth and Rebecca, along with their head girl Steph, have been extremely impressed by the way Protexin Equine Premium products have improved their horses’ health, condition and performance.

Using Gut Balancer as a staple part of all of their horses’ diets they recognise the benefits whether feeding youngsters who have just arrived from the continent or their International Grand Prix rides.

Quick Fix paste is ideal to settle their horse’s competition butterflies and Recover Aid helps to ensure long periods of travel and high level work does not hinder their competitive performances or the horses’ recovery times.

Dv Stenkjers Nadonna is ridden by Gareth at Grand Prix level. They have been a part of two winning Nations Cup teams in Rotterdam and Hickstead and also travelled to Herning in Denmark to compete at the European Championships as part of the bronze medal winning team.

Said Gareth: “It is absolutely essential Nadonna performs at her best so all three products have a big part to play in her preparation and recovery from one show to the next.”

Rubini Royale is ridden by Rebecca who is soon to make his Grand Prix debut. He benefits from the Quick Fix paste as competing and travelling can be a stressful environment for horses at times so keeps his gut functioning at its optimum. Recover Aid helps him bounce back from tiredness which is essential at this stage in his training and competing. He is a horse that tends to have loose droppings and daily Gut Balancer has transformed this.

Grand Prix horse Duvie is ridden by Gareth: “2012/13 has been a challenging time for Duvie after receiving an injury in 2012 which then led to him having two major colic surgeries. He was being fed a reputable competitor’s product whilst suffering from these two major bouts of colic so they were not sure whether any supplement would help him but Gut Balancer really has. It is vital to him that his gut function is 100% at all times so he is never without his Gut Balancer. He also has his Quick Fix paste if he is looking in any discomfort or in a stressful situation and it has saved a couple of vet call outs already and given Steph peace of mind.

Added Rebecca: “We don’t feed many supplements on our yard but these are products that really do work. We are very grateful for our sponsorship from Protexin and highly recommend them to all of our clients, but if we didn’t have the support I can honestly say that we would be happy to pay full price for the products because they make so much difference to our horses.”

Recommended and used by leading veterinary practices, Protexin Gut Balancer is ideal for, general wellbeing, improving digestibility, horses prone to losing condition, horses or ponies susceptible to colic, during periods of stress (e.g. travel, competition) or during periods of antibiotic usage.


The Protexin Equine Premium Range comprises of five products; Gut Balancer, Acid Ease, Quick Fix, Recover Aid and Gut Bind.

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