Neglected pony turned national star thanks to little girl


Young re-homer, Megan, is supporting this year’s Horse Welfare Rehome a Horse Month.

As part of Britain’s largest horse rescue and rehoming charity’s annual Rehome a Horse Month, designed to highlight the versatility of rescue horses and find good homes for those in need, World Horse Welfare will be releasing never-before-told stories of horses who got their happy endings.

While it’s touching to hear tales of British horses who overcame the odds, we must not be distracted from the stark reality that sees 6,000-7,000 UK horses still at risk of neglect or abandonment.

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The BETA Guide to Avoiding Prohibited Substances


The BETA Guide to Avoiding Prohibited Substances

The BETA Guide to Avoiding Prohibited Substances, will help riders steer clear of positive tests for banned substances in equestrian sport and highlights key factors responsible for their accidental presence in the horse and provides a helpful list of ways in which they can be avoided.

“Many riders are unclear what a prohibited substance is and are surprised to hear that they can be found in everyday food and drink such as chocolate, coffee and tea,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams, who has been instrumental in producing the guide. “By taking a few careful measures – many of which are just plain common sense – the risks of exposing a horse to the substances in question could be significantly reduced.”

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World Horse Welfare launches a creative competition for children and adults


World Horse Welfare launches Year of the Horse competition for young and old.

To celebrate the Year of the Horse, World Horse Welfare has launched an exciting competition encompassing creative abilities from children and adults.

There are three separate categories – colouring, poetry, and drawing & painting – in which amateurs and professionals alike are invited to draw, paint or write poetry on anything they fancy as long as it celebrates horses.

The winner of each category will have their work published in World Horse Welfare News, as well as the charity’s website and social media channels.

For poets, painters and drawers the competition is open to adults (17 and over) and children (16 and under).

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Nominations Invited for BETA Year of the Horse competition


Nominations Invited for BETA Year of the Horse Competition.

Have you owned a horse of a lifetime? Is there a special one that means the world to you? Are you inspired by an equine superstar or full of admiration for a horse or pony that has overcome all the odds?

The British Equestrian Trade Association has launched an exciting competition to celebrate 2014, the BETA Year of the Horse. Nominations are invited from everyone with a favourite horse – from a cuddly family pony to an equine superstar that has inspired them.

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British horse welfare charity work with an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica

British charity workers start work with an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica to improve horse welfare.


The Guaymi Indigenous Reserve is in southern Costa Rica, and is home to an indigenous tribe who have inhabited the reserve for centuries.

The tribal communities rely heavily on horses to provide transportation around the reserve as there are no real roads and any paths are steep and winding, making them inaccessible to any vehicle. The communities make their own clothes and grow their own food but they need horses to help fetch materials from near-by towns, transport goods around the reserve, and farm the land during planting season.

Equines in this part of the world face a variety of challenges and suffer from numerous hoof problems such as fungal infections caused by the damp environment and poorly maintained feet as skilled farriery is non-existent here. Other problems come from a lack of adequate nutrition and parasite burdens which result in poor body conditions and injuries caused by badly fitting and over-loaded pack-saddles. Vampire bat bites also affect the horses within the reserve and many also suffer from sunburn.

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Project Horses and Ponies launched by Horse Charity

Horse charity launches Project Horses and Ponies Category

In 2014 to help widen the appeal of its rehoming scheme, the largest of its kind in the UK, World Horse Welfare has launched a new category that it hopes will be of interest to those with sufficient horse experience – ‘Project Horses and Ponies’.

In the past year World Horse Welfare has had to cope with a huge increase of new horses coming into its Rescue and Rehoming Centres, 73% (or 140 extra horses) meaning 325 compared to 185 in 2012. The charity now has around 340 horses residing at its centres and desperately needs to rehome some to make space for others that are in need of urgent rescue and rehabilitation.

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New Countrywide Equine Catalogue launched

In their first equine catalogue Countrywide Farmers, the UK’s largest equestrian specialists, are providing ‘everything for you, and your horse, all in one place’.

The newly launched catalogue features over 7,000 products including 4,000 new lines and aims to give shoppers more choice than ever before.  Ranges include a staggering array of clothing, safety wear and footwear to all you could need for your horse or pony from saddlery, rugs and sheets to bandages and brushing boots. Feed and bedding, grooming and stable supplies are also included in over 150 pages.

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Brave Trojan returns after emergency surgery

Former Essex Police horse Trojan
Despite everything that Trojan has been through, nothing seems to phase this horse.

Brave police horse Trojan returns to The Horse Trust after a second visit to the Royal Veterinary College for emergency surgery

Former Essex Police horse Trojan has returned to The Horse Trust’s from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) for his second round of emergency surgery this year.

Trojan was first admitted to the RVC in September 2013, where he was treated for tooth spurs, cracked teeth and a severe sinus infection. He had been continuing to eat as normal before he was admitted, not losing even a kilogram in weight. His attitude and bravery led to the revival of his police nicknames, Mr T and The Trojanator! Vets at the RVC did as much work with Trojan as it was safe to, before he came home with a course of antibiotics to clear up the remaining infection.

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Cleveland Bay Stallion heads for Japan


The Cleveland Bay Stallion Carolina Boaz (2699) has been sold to The Imperial Stud of Japan.

The 6 year old stallion, who holds Quality Approved breed status, is now awaiting shipment to his new home.  Bred by Mary Hardman of Stiperstones, Shropshire and sold by Helen January of Mold, Clwyd, Wales, this young stallion joins a long list of Cleveland Bay Stallions sold to the Imperial Stud over many years.  Carolina Boaz replaces the North Yorkshire born Cleveland Bay, Botton Grove Brigand, who passed away recently.

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