Petplan Equine Donates Microchips for Blue Cross


Blue Cross Horses benefit from Petplan Equine’s ‘Like to Help’ Campaign

Petplan and its sister brand, specialist equine insurer Petplan Equine, has donated 300 microchips for Blue Cross as a result of its ‘Like to Help’ campaign, which it ran for three months; May, June and July, to promote the micro chipping of pets and horses across the UK.

Animal lovers across the country were asked to support the campaign, which corresponded with National Microchipping Awareness Month, by visiting Petplan and Petplan Equine’s Facebook pages and clicking ‘Like to Help’. Of the 300 microchips donated, 116 were for horses.


“Petplan works with a number of charities and has supported the Blue Cross for 13 years,” said Charlotte Collyer, senior marketing executive at Petplan Equine. “The recent recession has led to an increase in the number of horses needing to be taken in by the Blue Cross and each must be micro-chipped before it can be re-homed. Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign we have been able to help keep more than 100 horses safe.”

With horse theft ever a threat; it is hoped the campaign will encourage owners not only to microchip their horses but also keep the information up-to-date and ensure that, if stolen, their horse can be returned to them.

“We would like to thank Petplan Equine and everyone who visited its Facebook page and showed their support for the campaign,” said Kath Urwin, Blue Cross horse centre manager. “The donation of microchips is a huge help to us and will mean that we can ensure more horses find responsible and knowledgeable homes.”

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