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The slogan ‘A dog is for life not just for Christmas’ accompanied by heart-rending photos of dogs abandoned by owners no longer able or willing to look after them always causes huge waves of public support for animal welfare charities. However, it is not just cute puppies and fluffy kittens that can end up unwanted, neglected and homeless as can been seen by the enormous number of horses, often in severe states of neglect, that have to be rescued. Their numbers are increasing at an alarming rate and placing intolerable pressure on equine welfare charities across the UK who estimate that many thousands of horses are currently at risk of neglect or abandonment.

Petplan, the UK’s largest pet insurance provider and its specialist equine sister brand Petplan Equine – which works with many horse welfare organisations – are conducting a nationwide search to find the UK’s top animal charities by calling upon animal lovers to recognise the tireless work of their favourite charity by nominating it, one of its employees or volunteers for a Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity Award. Nominations are open between 3rd November 2014 and 13th February 2015.

During the recent economic downturn horse owners in increasing numbers found it hard to meet the cost of horse care; this coupled with the overbreeding of horses (despite their decreasing monetary value, where at some markets horses are being sold for under £5) has resulted in the abandonment and neglect of large herds of horses. By 2012 equine welfare charities announced that Britain was on the verge of a ‘horse crises. The escalation of the horse welfare issue can be seen in a staggering set of statistics; for example, World Horse Welfare alone saw a 76% increase in the number of horses it rescued in 2013 compared to 2012 and so far this year Blue Cross has taken in 86 welfare cases, compared to just 15 two years earlier.

A huge increase in fly-grazing – when horses are placed on land (private or public) without permission – is adding to the crisis and placing charities under even greater pressure as they seek to rescue horses being left to breed, suffer, and die on other people’s land.

“Horse welfare charities are working tirelessly to try and help as many abandoned and abused horse and ponies as possible and it’s not just the large well known charities – smaller centres across the UK are also shouldering the burden,” commented Charlotte Collyer, senior marketing executive at Petplan Equine. “The aim of the Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity Awards is to highlight the tremendous work done by these organisations and by nominating an equine charity horse lovers can help to raise public awareness of the plight of thousands of horses and ponies across the UK.”

Jenna Martyn the Rehoming Centre Manager at Blue Cross in Burford who won last year’s Animal Charity Employee of the Year Award explained: “To see so many of these wonderful horses and ponies being brought into charities due to neglect is upsetting. They often need such extensive physical and emotional care before they can be rehomed which makes it heart-breaking. The Petplan ADCH Animal Charity Awards are a fantastic way of highlighting to the public the work we do as a team to give these horses and ponies a brighter future– it was very humbling to receive an award for doing something I love” explains Jenna.

World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive, Tony Tyler, says: “The situation for horses at the moment is dire – there are thousands more horses than there are good homes. Horse welfare charities are under greater pressure than ever as their centres remain full to bursting with welfare cases – whilst so many more horses, all over the country, sit on a waiting list. World Horse Welfare has had to take special measures at each of its four Rescue and Rehoming Centres developing multiple case admission facilities to ensure that it can take in the increasing number of large groups of horses that need urgent care, we recently took in a large group of 63 horses at once”.

“I cannot praise highly enough the dedication and determination of staff at horse welfare charities who work tirelessly every single day to better welfare standards for so many of our country’s horses and the Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity Awards give you a chance to say thank you on behalf of these horses” concluded Petplan Equine’s Charlotte Collyer.


To nominate a charity, team or individual who deserves to be recognised for their outstanding contribution to equine welfare, before 13th February 2015, visit:

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