Katie Elliot Stars with Her Horse in Petplan Equine National Advertising Campaign

Katie Elliot from Addlestone in Surrey and her ‘best friend’ Sam are featured in leading UK horse insurance company Petplan Equine’s latest national advertising campaign.

Article supplied by Petplan Equine.

Katie Elliot from Addlestone in Surrey and her ‘best friend’ Sam

According to the Petplan Pet Census of over 60,000 pet owners, 45% of horse owners describe their horse as their best friend. In Petplan Equine’s latest advertising campaign video we see just this when we get an emotional insight into the love that Katie has for her best friend Sam when he had to have serious veterinary treatment.

Katie can’t imagine life without Sam so, when he had a sudden unexplained lameness which required surgery, she was extremely worried about him. Her Petplan Equine insurance gave her the peace of mind that she could do everything necessary to ensure Sam returned to full health and fitness.

During the first visit to Katie and Sam, the vet carried out standard flexion and lameness tests. “The vet was baffled. Sam wasn’t showing clear lameness in one leg. However, several scans and nerve blocks later the vet discovered Sam had thickening of his Annular Ligaments. I had anticipated the standard box rest with some pain killers and that he would then be back on form in no time. I was stunned when the vet said he needed an operation. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have enough time to process the news,” Katie explained.

Following his operation and a successful rehabilitation Sam is now back to full fitness and enjoying life with Katie. “Sharing Sam’s story with other horse owners in this way was so amazing. After all Sam’s hard work and recovery, he deserves to be a little famous! I can honestly say that Petplan Equine made the process of claiming very easy and hassle free, which certainly helped when I was so stressed about Sam”, concluded Katie.

54% of horse owners responding to the Petplan Census said they put their horses needs ahead of their own and 83% considered their horse to be part of their family with 49% claiming that as much of their family life as possible is centred around their horse. This is illustrated further in the research with 38% of respondents saying they had cancelled plans with friends and family to spend more time with their horse and as many as 52% taking their horse on holiday!

“At Petplan Equine we understand the highs and lows that come with owning a horse and can empathise with our customers experiences,” Kate Hopkins, Petplan Equine Marketing Consultant commented. “The fact that Katie sees her horse as a very important and integral part of her family is also reflected in our recent survey. Petplan Equine’s mission is to help keep horses healthy and owners happy and give them peace of mind when something unforeseen happens. Seeing Sam doing so well now is great and something we can all relate to.”

Watch Katie and Sam’s story here:

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