British Eventing Points 2013 Rankings

Andrew Nicholson CruiseControl

The final 2013 rankings have seen a hotly contested battle for the top spots. New Zealander Andrew Nicholson has retained first place in the rankings following another very successful season and also leads the FEI HSBC rankings. Topping the horse rankings is Irish bred Mr Cruise Control, owned jointly by Robin and Nicola Salmon alongside Andrew. Mr Cruise Control has had a prolific season finishing fifth in the 4* at Pau and first in both the CIC3* at Chatsworth in May and Luhmuhlen 4*. His owners will be presented with the Calcutta Light Horse Trophy in recognition of his impressive achievement. Andrew’s Olympic bronze medal winning mount, Deborah Sellar’s Nereo, is runner up with 382 points.

Best of the Brits, and winner of the Tony Collins award, is Dorset based William Fox-Pitt who attained a total of 2142 points this season. William’s European bronze medal winning horse Chilli Morning, owned by Christopher and Lisa Stone, reached third place in the BE rankings after winning 378 points. Another of Fox-Pitt’s rides, Catherine Witt’s recent Pau 4* winner Seacookie finished just behind his stable mate in fourth place with 368 points.

Fellow Brit Oliver Townend again retains third place in the rankings following another busy season, amassing 1241 points.

Top Twenty Riders 2013

1st Position, Name: Mr Andrew Nicholson, Points: 2591

2nd Position, Name: Mr William Fox-Pitt, Points: 2142

3rd Position, Name: Mr Oliver Townend, Points: 1241

4th Position, Name: Miss Izzy Taylor, Points: 938

5th Position, Name: Mrs Jonelle Richards, Points: 793

6th Position, Name: Mrs Nicola Wilson, Points: 730

7th Position, Name: Mrs Pippa Funnell, Points: 722

8th Position, Name: Mrs Aoife Clark, Points: 709

9th Position, Name: Mr Sam Griffiths, Points: 702

10th Position, Name: Sir Mark Todd, Points: 651

11th Position, Name: Mrs Caroline Powell, Points: 650

12th Position, Name: Mr Bill Levett, Points: 649

13th Position, Name: Mr Paul Tapner, Points: 623

14th Position, Name: Mr Tim Price, Points: 621

15th Position, Name: Mr Jonathan Paget, Points: 585

16th Position, Name: Miss Vittoria Panizzon, Points: 540

17th Position, Name: Mr Kevin Mcnab, Points: 493

18th Position, Name: Mr Mark Kyle, Points: 482

19th Position, Name: Mrs Kitty King, Points: 481

20th Position, Name: Mr Tom McEwen, Points: 456


Top Twenty Horses 2013

1st Position, Name: MR CRUISE CONTROL, Owner: Mr Andrew Nicholson, Mrs Nicola Salmon, Mr Robin E A Salmon, Points: 409

2nd Position, Name: NEREO, Owner: Mrs Deborah Sellar, Points: 382

3rd Position, Name: CHILLI MORNING, Owner: Mr Christopher Stone, Mrs Lisa Stone, Points: 378

4th Position, Name: SEACOOKIE, Owner: Mrs Catherine Witt, Points: 368

5th Position, Name: CLIFTON PROMISE, Owner: Mrs Frances Stead, Mr Russell Hall, Points: 365

6th Position, Name: CALICO JOE, Owner: Mr Andrew Nicholson, Points: 338

7th Position, Name: AVEBURY, Owner: Mr Mark Barlow, Mrs Rosemary A Barlow, Points: 332

8th Position, Name: BOROUGH PENNYZ, Owner: Miss Vittoria Panizzon, Mrs Sally Bullen, Points: 304

9th Position, Name: PARKLANE HAWK, Owner: Mrs Catherine Witt, Points: 290

10th Position, Name: NEUF DES COEURS, Owner: Mrs Margie Hall, Mr David Hall, Mrs Judith Skinner, Mr Jeremy Skinner, Points: 289

11th Position, Name: MINERS FROLIC, Owner: Mr Nicholas Embiricos, Mrs Sarah Pelham, Mrs Valda Embiricos, Points: 266

12th Position, Name: QUIMBO, Owner: Mrs Deborah Sellar, Points: 257

13th Position, Name: HAPPY TIMES, Owner: Mr Sam Griffiths, Mrs Dinah Posford, Mrs Juliet Donald, Points: 252

14th Position, Name: THE DEPUTY, Owner: Mrs Lucy Sangster, Mrs Jonelle Richards, Points: 249

15th Position, Name: CLIFTON PINOT, Owner: Mr Kevin Mcnab, Mr Russell Hall, Mrs Frances Stead, Points: 242

16th Position, Name: LEONIDAS II, Owner: Mrs Diane E Brunsden, Mr Peter Cattell, Points: 238

17th Position, Name: KILRONAN, Owner: Penny and Fred Barker, Mr Paul Tapner, Points: 231

18th Position, Name: KING BOB, Owner: Mr Ludwig Svennerstal, Points: 230

19th Position, Name: FENYAS ELEGANCE, Owner: Mr Pj Hegarty, Points: 225

20th Position, Name: RIDDLE MASTER, Owner: Miss Rebecca Howard, Points: 222

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