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Ensure your equine’s immune system is up to scratch


As the cooler months creep up and many horses are winding down after a heavy competition season, now is the time to ensure your equine’s immune system is up to scratch.

Just like in humans, when a horse has worked intensively their immune system may not be at its strongest, which is when they are susceptible to picking up viruses and infection. If a horse is travelling consistently and coming into contact with other equines, this risk is exacerbated.

A strong immune system gives your horse the defense mechanism he needs to naturally do battle with many winter ailments, including mud fever, skin irritations, coughs and colds and respiratory infection to name but a few. By protecting your equine when they need it most, you can reduce the chance of time off, loss of condition and lack in performance due to a weakened immunity.

Made by Animalife, the creators of Vetrofen and Vetroflex, Vetroimmune is a specially formulated performance nutraceutical providing equines with a highly bioavailable proprietary polysaccharide called BAP-8T, with added Vitamin C. Upon ingestion Vetroimmune travels to the small intestine where it interacts with immune cells located in Peyer’s patches in the small intestine. Here Vetroimmune mediates the release of signals to other immunocompetent cells and this results in a systemic immune response to invade and kill foreign bodies and regulate the body’s recovery response.

By providing your horse with the correct nutritional ingredients to maintain a strong immune system many winter ailments can be avoided, prevention really is better than cure. Vetroimmune starts at £59.99 for 30 capsules.

Animalife are so confident in their products they offer a money-back guarantee!*

For more information about Animalife tel: 0845 365 0050 or visit: www.animalife.co.uk.

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