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New home for Windsor Park Equestrian Club

2019 sees a big change for Windsor Park Equestrian Club (WPEC), for the first time in the Club’s 49-year history it is moving from its home of Smiths Lawn and Cannon Ground on the Surrey side of Windsor Great Park, to its new site of Queen Victoria’s Review Ground inside the Deer Park on the Berkshire side of the Great Park.

WPEC committee have found more recently that as filming and other park events increase it was becoming challenging to maintain the ground for the competitors, indeed in June 2018 WPEC carriage driving regional event had to share Smiths Lawn with a Disney film crew and two 500 foot lighting cranes. This, along with other factors led to the need of a new site and with guidance from The Crown Estate, WPEC committee reviewed various locations within the Great Park and selected Queen Victoria’s Review Ground as the new home for both its disciplines of Ridden Dressage and Carriage Driving. The area has previously been used as British Carriage Driving’s National Championships and is also home to the Windsor Endurance Ride.

Although both disciplines will be enjoying the use of the new large flat area there is a large copse between the driving and riding sections so that each section will have its own designated area maintained specifically for that discipline.

Carriage Driving will have ten new permanent obstacles built over the next year, with the first seven built and ready for the first meet in April. As well as the new wooden obstacles and a water obstacle utilising the nearby Prince of Wales Pond, there will be three full size dressage arenas and a large flat cones area. All the obstacles will be within walking distance of the large lorry park. Carriage Driving section runs events for all levels of competitor from Pre-Novice to Advanced and four in hand drivers. The regional event for the British Carriage Driving National Championship qualifier will be held this year 1st to 2nd June.

Pictures of the new location for Windsor Park Equestrian Club (WPEC).

The new dressage area has the ability to hold up to five arenas of a mixture of both long and short arenas and has a big warm up area. Moving to the secluded area of the Deer Park allows the riders to enjoy a quieter event away from the hustle and bustle of Smith’s Lawn. Introductory to Elementary competitors are catered for at all events and all classes from March to July inclusive are qualifiers for the Sunshine Tour.

Access to both disciplines arenas are from a sole use gate into the Deer Park off Sheet Street Road (A332).

For further information on the Club visit www.wpec.org.uk

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