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Bolesworth AES 2019 Elite Foal Auction expansion

Building on their outstanding success in recent years and continued growth and development of their international competition portfolio, Nina Barbour and her team at Bolesworth are delighted to announce an exciting expansion of their highly regarded showjumping auctions for 2019.

Bolesworth Elite Yearling Auction

The auction held during the Equerry International Horse Show at Bolesworth has been a phenomenal success to date, with record breaking prices achieved by European and British bred Showjumping foals and yearlings. The team are delighted to continue to develop this concept with another exciting auction to be held on 14th June 2019, on the Friday night of the show.

Show director Nina Barbour said: “We are very proud of what we have achieved with this auction, where we put an emphasis on black type dam lines.

This year, we will be returning to our original format, showcasing an elite selection of top potential yearlings. Yearlings in June are at a great age for serious buyers and are able to demonstrate a good idea of their raw talent over a pole.

Breeders and owners from the UK and Europe are invited to submit their applications, with final selections to be completed by 29th March. Reflecting the importance of the mares in top sport horse breeding, a minimum requirement for successful selection will be 1.40m jumping success in the recent damline.

Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction

New for 2019 is the Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction for breeders and buyers of British bred showjumpers. Nina Barbour explained her vision for the show: “We are passionate about developing the sport of showjumping in the UK. For me it is very important to keep the Brits in Britain and to reverse the trend that horses need to be both sourced and produced abroad. The Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction is a key part of that vision and a great way of connecting breeding with the very top of the sport.

The mission for this show is to prove that we can do it right, and to support the breeding and production of future team horses capable of taking British riders to the very top.”

AES spokesperson Dr Eva-Maria Broomer explained: “The vision of this auction is to provide a truly exquisite and unique selection of foals not only by the very best proven showjumping sires, but with outstanding damline provenance to match, which includes a minimum requirement of 1.40m success in the recent motherline. We therefore invite breeders to submit the full pedigree details of the foals they would like us to consider prior to the final selection process.”

The Bolesworth Elite Yearling Auction, and Bolesworth AES Elite Foal Auction will be bringing the very best of British breeding to a wide audience of riders and owners to ensure the very best British bred horses are given the opportunity to succeed in the sport.

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