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Must-have Accessories for Your Next Horse Show

Harry Hall Fleece Horse Rug
In Association with Harry Hall

Entering your horse into a competition, no matter the level of it, is a big experience for the both of you. You’ll be spending so much more time riding and in the stables. After all, it is not just the day of the show that’s the most important one but the time leading up to it and the aftermath. You need to ensure you’re looking after your horse every step of the way.

Fleece Rug

A fleece rug can be used any time of year for your horse care routine, not just necessarily for a competition. It can be used as an extra layer in winter, or as a cool down after exercise. After the two of you have competed, you can wrap the horse up in a fleece rug and be sure to feed it a favourite treat as a job well done. Harry Hall have a fantastic range of horse rugs for sale. Also, now is the perfect time for you to join their membership club as they’re offering exclusive Black Friday deals. You can get quality horse products throughout the year for a great cost.

Baby Oil

Remember, it’s not just how your horse performs during the show but also how they look while doing so. It’s important to make grooming a regular routine in the run up to a competition. Baby oil is a great way of giving your horse’s coat a glisten for a competition. Baby Oil can work wonders for a horse’s coat, and better still it’s not going to break the bank.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are great for a horse rider to have on hand. You can clean up your horse incredibly quickly, and all it takes is an easy wipe down. This is perfect for when you’re checking your horse’s coat for any last-minute stains before the show. If you notice any tarnishes, all you have to is whip out a wipe and the stain will vanish.

Brow Band

A brow band is another little touch you can do to make a large impact in the show. They immediately dress up your horse and give it a finished look. They come in a variety of styles you can find one that your horse feels comfortable in and compliments it. If you opt for the leather option, you can add some varnish to give it a glowing look.

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