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New distributor for Peter Horobin Saddlery – StrideFree Saddles in the UK

Stride Free saddles

KM Elite Products are delighted to announce that they have been appointed as exclusive distributors for Peter Horobin Saddles in the UK. StrideFree by PHS has taken performance saddles to a whole new level, taking saddle fitting back to basics, by creating convenience for the customer and focusing on equine back health. PHS have developed an extensive saddle range for racing, dressage, jumping and endurance disciplines with the StrideFree racing tree winning the BETA Innovation Award in 2014.

Lifetime warranty

The StrideFree technology provides a saddle design that is extremely flexible but incredibly strong, allowing the saddle to mould to the horse’s back, giving freedom in the shoulder for further extension of more movement in stride. Instead of having tree points which dig into the horse’s scapula/trapezius muscle, the StrideFree tree sits has a more even load bearing surface providing ultimate comfort for both horse and rider. The new performance range saddles are fully adjustable by a qualified and trained KM Elite saddle fitter. This caters for extra wide to narrow fitting horses. The tree comes with a lifetime warranty – subject to terms and conditions.

Stride Free dressage saddle
StrideFree dressage saddle

The range of Australian designed saddles, allow a generous channel width for spinal clearance and short panels, for horses who are short in the back. The panels are flocked with 100% wool which is a sustainable product and can be easily reflocked. The dressage saddles have a deep seat with a crotch comfort system for the female pelvis and the monoflap jumping range has been refined for the ultimate close contact. Stirrup bar alignment supports the mobility and forever changing gravity of the rider to suit their position.

Positive reaction

StrideFree by Peter Horobin Saddlery are already taking the UK equestrian market by storm. Managing Director of KM Elite Products, Karl Middleton is absolutely thrilled with the amazing response and huge level of interest they have seen since launching the brand. “It has been unbelievable to see the positive reaction when riders use one of the StrideFree saddles. I have been visiting top riders who are very happy with the saddle brand they are riding in, but after trying one of the StrideFree saddles they cannot believe the difference in not only their horse’s movement, but also their position on the horse. We have already taken a significant number of orders and are honoured to be working with such a quality brand alongside Peter Horobin and his family – he is a real master of his trade.”

Stride Free Elite
Rear view of the StrideFree Elite

A family operated business, Peter Horobin Saddlery have an imprint in USA, Japan, New Zealand, Europe and now the U.K. KM Elite Products have carefully selected a network of expert Master Saddlers throughout the UK who have been personally trained by Peter and can custom fit the saddles to your horse. To be referred to your nearest Saddle Fitter please call the KM Elite office on 01403 759659 or visit www.kmeliteproducts.co.uk

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