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Lunging the event horse

Lunging with the EquiAmi

Watching the amazing horses competing at Badminton makes you realise what complete, all round athletes they truly are. With the balance and suppleness of dressage, the speed and power of cross country followed by the precision and effort of the show jumping phase these horses are, certainly, the triathletes of the equestrian world. Dr Hilary Bentley of EquiAmi how all of this can be helped with the EquiAmi Lunging aid.

No self-respecting human athlete would consider their training regime complete without several sessions in the gym each week to work on specific muscle groups to build core strength to enhance their performance. Similarly with equine athletes, sports science has made training more effective without as much wear and tear from endless distance work. From interval training to gymnastic lunge exercises horses can now be got fit and prepared with less strain.

Dr Hilary Bentley of EquiAmi says: “Many exercises on the lunge increase hind limb strength enabling greater engagement and lifting over the back. This in turn improves lightness of the forehand and strong abdominals which builds core strength, essential for all the three phases of eventing. Achieving this is much easier using a good lunge aid such as the EquiAmi which invites and rewards the horse for developing wither lift by softening as soon as they respond. This can be started gently with youngsters as, developing their back and core strength, will make later stages of training so much easier for the horse as their natural balance and symmetry will be greatly enhanced. Even at lower levels we ask our horses to do long jump, high jump, sprints, middle and long distance running alongside a mixture of dance and gymnastics so lunging exercises, as part of your regular fitness training, will get more from your equine athlete at every level.

EquiAmi is endorsed by top riders such as Harry Meade, Jonty Evans and Natasha Baker MBE as well as veterinary surgeons and therapists.

For more information visit www.equiami.com

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