West Sussex rider wins Equetech Competition

Rowena Day wins Equetech Real Rider Competition

Following British equestrian fashion brand Equetech’s successful nationwide campaign #equetechrealrider to find four real riders who embodied their diverse customer base and brand spirit, the company have finally revealed the winning entries in a stunning series of photographs to co-inside with their 25-year celebrations this year.

Rowena Day, 31 from West Sussex was their first winner pulled from a competition that ran in Horse & Rider Magazine. She said:

“I’m flabbergasted, things like this just don’t happen to me! This really gives me a boost in what recently has been a low point in my life. I’ve been a fan of both Equetech and Horse & Rider Magazine for a long time; I feel ecstatic to be given a chance to be part of the #equetechrealriderscampaign. Equetech has been a firm favourite of mine over the last thirteen years of horse ownership especially the active jodhpurs. I can’t wait to take part in the campaign and enjoy wearing the clothes I’ve won.”

Rowena, a Quotation Specialist for a Global Clinical Supply Chain provider in Clinical Trials feels she represents riders struggling with confidence, be it in themselves or their riding. She continued: “I’m keen to promote those riders who put everything into their ponies, they may not have a lot of money to fund their dreams, but they are determined and have the drive to succeed.”

Equetech Real Rider winner, Rowena Day

Rowena who took on some evening work in a local pub to help fund her competing with her eight-year-old Fell Pony Gelding, Townend Bellboy II has had a good season competing in British Dressage Team Quest on the Fell pony team “Wishfell Thinking” to finish second on the Southern leader board securing a qualification for the regionals.

Commenting on her choice of winner, Liz Hayman, MD & Head Designer of Equetech and judge said: “Rowena is typical of our customer base; they work hard so they can have a horse and Rowena has worked two jobs to support her passion. The idea that people who own horses have a lot of money just isn’t the case for most equestrians. We make affordable, quality clothing for riders like Rowena and we are delighted to include her in the final fab four.”

The other winners were, Tam Thompson, Tracy Caldwell and Lissie Britten.

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