Disabled Horse Riders in UK and Africa say Hats off.

Kenya RDA Hats

Disabled horse riders in UK and Africa say ‘Hats off’ to players of People’s Postcode Lottery and British Airways.

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) in the UK has helped its sister charity in Africa with a donation of new safety hats. The hats have replaced older models that RDA Kenya was struggling to afford to update.

When EU regulations prevented certain safety hats being used in the UK, Lambourn RDA group in Berkshire decided to donate their stock of ‘as new’ hats to RDA Kenya. Lambourn group was able to replace its own stock of hats immediately thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, whose support of RDA UK enabled new hats to be bought for RDA groups at a substantially reduced rate. The hats for Africa were kindly shipped for free by British Airways to their new home in Nairobi, where they are already in use.

In a letter of thanks to Lambourn RDA, Sue Anderson, RDA Co-ordinator, Nairobi said: “A huge box of your beautiful hats arrived yesterday, just in time for our afternoon RDA session. Thank you so much. It means that we can retire our rather older models for your wonderful new ones. They work really well and are obviously a lot more comfortable for our riders. No doubt you know how difficult and expensive it is for us to keep up dating our equipment. Your very generous donation is amazing and very timely. Once again thank you so much.”

“We are thrilled that the hats we can no longer use in the UK have been donated to RDA in Nairobi,” said RDA Volunteer, Frances Lochrane. “We were initially very worried about how we would cover the cost of replacing our hats when the new regulations came in as we had only recently bought new ones but thanks to the support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery we now have a new supply. We have a close link to RDA Kenya and knew their riders would be able to use the existing hats and the fantastic gesture from BA to waive the cargo fee was the cherry on the cake, we can’t thank everyone enough!”

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