Equisafety Brighten Up The Den!


Nicola Fletcher, Managing Director of Equisafety Ltd, explains how her visit to ‘The Den’ awoke two Dragons’.

“I was thrilled to be finally invited onto the Dragons’ Den programme after weeks of due diligence and working closely with the BBC team. This was to be a wonderful marketing opportunity for the company.

“The BBC Dragons’ Den production team were fantastic to work with, very thorough in their requirements and the amount of paper work needed. This was at first, a little surprising, but as the weeks went on, it became clear that all this would be required by the Dragons’ if a deal was struck.

“The day of filming started early, I was required in the studios for 7.30am to go over the day’s procedures.

“Finally it was my turn to stand in front of the five Dragons’. I was in the Den for around an hour and a half, and was delighted to walk away with bids from two of them.

“I think I floated out as I was on a total high. I could not quite believe what had just happened. The fact that two multi-millionaire business men saw potential in myself and Equisafety was a huge compliment.

“Since the programme was aired on Sunday the 25th of January 2015 we have been inundated with emails and phone calls and seen an increase in sales. We are already hard at work on new exciting national and international projects.

“The future is most definitely bright for Equisafety”

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