Bessie needs love and a weight watcher.

Bessie Pussycat Lodge

Here is short story about Bessie, from the PussyCat Lodge Trust who are currently caring for Bessie, who is looking for a new home.

Bessie arrived at the charity as she was found wandering and was thought to be pregnant. But oh no she was just extremely overweight!

She had obviously been a well fed cat and it’s hard to know what her history is.

Bessie ought to be registered with weightwatchers as she must be uncomfortable, and to be that overweight is not good for her health.

She loves a fuss and stroke, but a bit heavy for a lap.

She is now living with Jennie at PussyCat Lodge as it hoped the extra exercise will help with her weight loss. She was stealing all the food from the other cats in the pen.

Bessie would love to find a loving home that will continue to watch her weight for her.


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