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Blue Chip SoundHoof for healthy hooves all year round

Keeping your horse’s hooves healthy is vital at any time of the year, especially with the unpredictability of British weather, which can see prolonged periods of wet weather followed by a dry spell that can cause havoc with hooves.  The best way of ensuring healthy hooves is by feeding a formulation which will guarantee your horse is getting the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to ensure strong, healthy hoof growth.


Biotin, Zinc, Methionine and Copper all play significant roles in ensuring hooves grow well and all the Blue Chip feed balancers contain these elements in the unique hoof supplement, Soundhoof ™ . The combination of these ingredients help to maintain the laminae and enhance the formation of Keratin, an essential building block of the hoof wall. To ensure strong, healthy hooves, Blue Chip incorporates the recommended daily amount of Biotin in a bioavailable form.  Feeding a Blue Chip feed balancer with SoundHoof will ensure your horse or pony not only looks fantastic, but will have healthy hooves all year round.


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