Looking to purchase images seen in Localrider?

Fiona’s Photos is the name of a website selling pictures taken by Fiona Rafferty, editor of Localrider Magazine.

Whilst the photographs by Fiona have primarily been taken to feature in Localrider Magazine and our website, occasionally we have been asked by readers if it is possible to buy a copy of a picture used in the magazine, so we have developed a seperate website which will hopefully allow you to choose and order your favourite images.

We hope to add more images to in the future.

Currently is selling images in relation to:
  • 2013 Sunshine Tour Championships
  • NPS Area 20 Show 2013
  • 2014 Sunshine Tour Championships
  • Bromley Bridleways Access Group Show Jumping 2017
  • Rotherfield Woodlands Riding Club Show 2017

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Looking for a photo?

If you are looking for a photograph seen in the magazine or website, drop us a message on the contacts page. We will try and put you in touch with the correct photographer.

Do not copy or download images without premission.