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Lockdown Foal A Surprise for Eastbourne Riding for The Disabled Group

With the whole of the Riding for the Disabled operation shut down for Lockdown, it was a joyful boost to spirits when Eastbourne Riding for The Disabled (RDA) discovered that they had a new addition to the Group on the way.

Eastbourne Riding for The Disabled
Eastbourne RDA’s Lockdown Foal starts his training with the umbrella test

One of their lovely volunteers, Helen Waters, bought a cob mare called Coco last spring. “In the summer, we started to use her in our sessions, and she was wonderful” says Sarah Groome from the Group.” But by December, Helen began to have a suspicion that Coco was pregnant”.

At the end of January, her suspicions were confirmed by the vet and on 21st March, right near the start of Lockdown, the adorable Arizona (Ari for short) was born!

Luckily, Helen keeps Coco and Ari at a friend’s yard, and she arranged for Helen to ‘self-isolate’ in the groom’s accommodation so she could be close to the new arrival.

“I believe that this is Eastbourne’s first home-bred, RDA pony” said Sarah.

Eastbourne’s first home-bred RDA pony
Eastbourne’s first home-bred, RDA pony

RDA ponies are very special as they have to look after their riders with a calm, well behaved manner. But Ari is already proving to be a great RDA mount in the making, having passed the ‘umbrella’ test with flying colours.

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