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British Riding Clubs Saddles Direct Quadrille of the Year Final 2019

Four teams qualified to go through to the final of the BRC Saddles Direct Quadrille of the Year 2019, which took place at Bury Farm All Stars Gala Evening Performance on Saturday 9 November.

The Quadrille is a carefully choreographed display of horsemanship which tells a story, set to an entertaining arrangement of music, with a team of four riders wearing appropriately themed costumes.

The three judges; David Ingle a well-regarded Showing Judge, Joyce Head (BD List 2 judge) and Amanda Rawson (BD List 4 judge), initially marked the overall turn-out of each Quadrille team, and then they got into position around the arena to watch the displays. They marked the content of each carefully put together performance, adding marks for the artistic impression, to reach an overall score. “I thoroughly enjoyed judging both the selection trial and the final. It was an absolute honour to be part of this wonderful event. To see the growth and development of the four teams at the final, having built on their routines and presentations from the selection trail, was very exciting and showed great dedication. My thanks must go to all the teams which took part as there were so many great moments along the way. I truly hope that those who didn’t quite get where they wish to this time take time to reflect and come back stronger, so much to build on for 2020. The winners really were outstanding on the night and it was a pleasure to witness the performance” said David.

Cornwall Trec Group
Cornwall Trec Group were winners of the BRC Saddles Direct Quadrille title with ‘Sister Act at the Moulin Rouge’. Copyright SBM Photographic

The BRC Saddles Direct Quadrille title went to Cornwall Trec Group who wowed the judges and crowd with their dramatic mid-performance costume change. Their performance was titled ‘Sister Act at the Moulin Rouge’. Looking for some excitement the nuns stumble across a burlesque theatre. They dance the night away and reveal their true colours when they hit the stage at the Moulin Rouge. The team finished on an extremely impressive score of 90 percent. “It has been an absolute blast from start to finish with such great teamwork all the way through. We’ve made memories to treasure and I am so proud of our performance at the final. It all went to plan with great interaction and atmosphere from the crowd. That lap of honour has to be the best feeling in the world!”- Clare Champan- Cornwall Trec Group Quadrille team rider.

Ingatestone & Blackmore RC
Ingatestone & Blackmore RC with second place, with their ‘Tribute to Spitfire Pilots’. Copyright SBM Photographic

Ingatestone & Blackmore RC finished on a score of 81.53 percent taking them into second place, with their ‘Tribute to Spitfire Pilots’. Their quadrille performance honoured the brave WW2 airmen, recognising their skill at flying the darting machine which is the Spitfire. The team performed their routine to music from; Vera Lynn, The D-Day Darlings and the Central Band of the Royal Air Force.

Saffron Walden & District RC
Saffron Walden & District RC came third as Leprechaun Shoemakers. Copyright SBM Photographic

Saffron Walden & District RC came third finishing on a score of 80.69 percent, with their story of Leprechaun Shoemakers, who for reasons unknown, store all the gold coins they earn at the end of the rainbow. Find the rainbow, they say and you’ll find the pot of gold. The team performed their routine to some well-known Irish music, including Bill Whelan’s Riverdance.

Newlands Corner RC
Highest scoring for the Turn-out phase was Newlands Corner RC, who came fourth, with their rendition of ‘Sleeping Beauty Shall Go to The Party’. Copyright SBM Photographic

Finishing on an overall total score of 70.97 percent, and obtaining the highest score for the Turn-out phase of the competition, (55.5 out of 60) was Newlands Corner RC, who came fourth, with their rendition of ‘Sleeping Beauty Shall Go To The Party’. The synopsis of their performance was that 60 years ago, Newlands Corner RC was founded. As a club that liked to party, they invited the famous characters from the book, Sleeping Beauty, who are out celebrating Rose’s sixteenth birthday. “It was a great experience, everyone was very helpful and it was really good to have the opportunity to speak to the judges when collecting the sheets. Quadrille has managed to take over everything for the last 9 months, initially it was a relief for it to be finished, but now a few days have passed and having spoken to the judges I can see what we need to do to improve, and it’s an addiction! Riding Club Championship events are always so well organised, I think I have now competed at every one of them, a huge thank you again to all involved – Caroline Brougham- Newlands Corner RC Quadrille team rider.

Rachael Hollely-Thompson, BRC Manager said “The 2019 Quadrille of the Year was a huge success and I want to congratulate all the team that took part in the final, what a wonderful night it was. The outfits and displays were once again so well executed, and everyone who was involved should be very proud of themselves. A massive congratulation goes to the winners Cornwall Trec Group. It really was a fabulous evening to be part of”. Said Sarah Parry from Saddles Direct, who is sponsoring this event for the first time this year.

“A huge congratulations to all the teams that competed in the final. It’s been a fantastic night and the crowds loved their performances. What a fabulous end to the BRC 2019 Championships”.

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