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Cracking dressage score secures win for Inca at Brightling International

Harriet Poupart Brightling

In Section C of the Brightling Park International Horse Trials BE90 Harriet Poupart gained the win on 11-year-old Voltaires Valentino, or as he is known at home, ‘Inca’. Inca followed an interesting path to Harriet, who eventually took him on for free after his dominant character had left his previous owner unable to sell him.

Harriet runs a yard of 26 horses, which she says sometimes means Inca is pushed to the bottom of the pile, however they squeezed in plenty of preparation for Brightling which evidently paid off! Harriet was shocked by the pair’s dressage score of 21.3, saying she found it difficult to gauge a good ride, however cross country was ‘foot perfect’ and is the combination’s favourite discipline, with the Brightling course being particularly enjoyable. Brightling was their last BE90 with the BE100 at Little Downham on the calendar next.

Harriet would like to aim for Badminton Grassroots next season, however a knee operation will keep her from riding for three months meaning it’s a winter off for Inca. Harriet would like to give a big thank you to her ‘pony club dad’ Paul, who despite never having taken Harriet to Pony Club accompanies her to every competition with competitiveness of a true Pony Club father.

Words by Amelia Holloway and picture by Nigel Goddard

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