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Healthy Tummy for competition

Dengie HealthyTummy

Healthy Tummy is a high-calorie feed with an energy level equivalent to a competition mix or cube, but with about 10 times less starch. It features high-specification vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins and biotin for improved hoof condition. It also has an oil coating for slow-release energy and exceptional coat shine.

This new, nutritionally complete fibre feed includes the latest ingredients known to promote optimum digestive health: alfalfa, a type o fibre which is a natural buffer to acidity in the digestive tract, Protexin In-Feed Formula, with prebiotics and live yeast to encourage good bacteria in the gut to flourish, and a blend of herbs that are believed to be powerful antioxidants and also make the feed taste really good.

Research shows that low-fibre diets and stress can contribute to gastric ulcers. Dengie Healthy Tummy, as a high-fibre feed, takes longer to chew than cereal-based feeds. This increases saliva production – the horse’s own defence against acidity in the stomach. Healthy Tummy can be fed alone without the need for additional feed or supplements, as long as the recommended rate of 500g per 100kg of bodyweight is fed. For those preparing for and taking part in competition, it can be fed alongside mixes and cubes to help counteract the effects of cereal-based feeds. Healthy Tummy is available in 15kg bales, with an RRP of £11.59.


For further information on Healthy Tummy visit: www.dengie.com

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