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Saracen Supports Riding For the Disabled Veterans


Cheltenham based charity, Cotswold Riding for the Disabled, are keeping their “golden oldies” in peak health and condition thanks to the generous support of Saracen Horse Feeds.

Saracen frequently run campaigns promoting responsible ownership of veteran horses and were keen to help out with feeding these equine stars who give so much pleasure to disabled riders.

The 20 horses and ponies that belong to the Cotswold RDA will be fed on a diet of Saracen Horse Feeds Veteran Mix, a complete feed designed for horses and ponies over the age of 16, and Veteran Pencils, the same ration but provided in a soft, dust free pencil. Both products are low in starch and free from whole oats and make use of Saracen’s “Super-fibre” technology, which provide a similar level of energy to that of cereals, but in a slow release form helping to keep the gut working efficiently, an essential requirement for older horses.

“Keeping our horses in great condition, but safe and sensible for the riders’ is paramount” says Mo Begg, Centre Manager of the Cotswold RDA. “They need a balanced diet and plenty of fibre to ensure they can quietly walk and trot and keep their condition on. We are so grateful to Saracen for supplying us with their feed”.

Saracen Brand Ambassadors and Olympic Gold medal winning riders Natasha Baker and Charlotte Dujardin, who lives locally to the Cotswold RDA, are firm supporters of the charity and visit regularly, know the benefits of feeding their horses on Saracen.

Charlotte who recommended the feed to the RDA said “I know how hard it is to keep those horses “just right”, they have to be saints and getting the right diet is imperative for rider safety. I knew Saracen would be able to do the job.”

If you would like more information on how to get your own “golden oldie” through the winter months with plenty of energy and condition then contact Saracen Horse Feeds.


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