The Cleveland Bay Horse is rarer than the giant panda says census.

Cleveland Bay Horse Society census

The table below shows the numbers of Cleveland Bays from completed census forms to date (10th September 2013), currently living in the UK and Overseas.  The Overseas category includes North America, Australia and France.

UK Living

26 Stallions
159 Mares
64 Geldings
41 Fillies
24 Colts
314 Total

Overseas Living

13 Stallions
42 Mares
9  Geldings
10 Fillies
5  Colts
79 Total

21 fillies all are aged up to the age of 4.
137 mares out of the 159 are born between 1995 – 2009, (between 4 – 18 years).
69 mares out of the 159 are born between 2009 – 2003 (between 4 – 10 years)
Eldest stallion 20 years old and youngest is 3 year old, all of which are breeding.

In summary

86% of mares recorded to date from the new census are of breeding age between 4 -18 years.
43% of mares recorded to date from the new census are aged between 4-10 years.
Worldwide, from information received up to 10 September 2013, there are a total of 393 purebred Cleveland Bays.


The Cleveland Bay Horse is currently categorised through the Rare Breed Survival Trust as ‘critical’ as it is believed that there are less than 300 breeding mares, making it rarer than the giant panda.  As the breed Society, we are actively trying to promote and preserve the breed, through highlighting their versatility.

The CBHS Census Officer is collating information received on all living Cleveland bays in order to establish a true record of the breed. The Census form details the name, age, sex, parentage and breeding potential of any Cleveland Bays owned by anyone in the world, CBHS members and non-members alike.

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society is calling on all purebred Cleveland Bays owned, anywhere in the world – and you don’t need to be a member of the CBHS (Charity) in order to complete the form.

Chairman of the CBHS Council P & P Committee says: It is so important that we reach all people who own purebred Cleveland Bays, we know that a lot will not be members of our Society so they will be unaware of how import the accuracy of this survey is to the Cleveland Bay. I do hope that you are able to help us reach non-members which may help find Cleveland Bays we are currently unaware of.  We hope to produce a list showing the names of all living purebred Cleveland Bays at some point.

Purebred Cleveland Bays can contact the CBHS at, or download the census form on the CBHS website, ensuring that their Cleveland Bay is added to the census thereby helping the CBHS to determine an accurate record of the breed population.


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