London too noisy for Strider.

Ride Round England

William and Strider aim to raise £250,000 for the two charities; the Family Holiday Association, and Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre. They will visit four corners of England and 30 Cathedrals in the course of the trip. The ride is expected to take roughly six months. Starting from Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds in May, William aims to reach the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre on 6 September 2013 and to get home to the Cotswolds in November.

However over halfway through their mammoth journey (9th September 2013) and on travelling part way through London, William has had to drastically rethink his London plans. Earlier in the journey William and Strider passed close to an incident near the Harrow Road involving up to 8 emergency service vehicles and associated sound of sirens. Strider had never faced this number and intensity of sound before. They did pass it successfully but he was quite agitated and William has decided that it would be wrong to risk the much more intense situation that could occur in narrower streets with higher buildings where the sound would be more enclosed. William will now walk the route through London that he had planned to ride.

William said: “After lengthy discussions with both the City of London and the Metropolitan Police I have decided that it is just not safe to attempt to take Strider through the streets of London.  We have a number of appointments here and I have been able to organise to get Strider to those and he will be here for our visit to Southwark Cathedral, which has a memorial to members of my family.  Plus a very important visit to the Family Holiday Association offices nearby.”

William, 65, has already travelled with his horse over 1,500 miles from Gloucestershire will now walk the streets of London for five days till he can ride on. He will be at the Animals in War Memorial on Park Lane at 10.30 on Wednesday and at St Paul’s at 3.00 that afternoon. On Thursday he will reach The Emirates Stadium at 12 noon and on Friday will cross London Bridge at 12.30 to be at Southwark Cathedral by 1.00pm.

They will continue on their journey of a further 1,000 miles, till William and Strider get home sometime in December after over 7 months and 2,500 miles.

Ride Round England 2

For further information about the ride visit Facebook or Twitter where Strider has his own Twitter feed @riderndengland.

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