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New audio downloads from Sound Schooling

Mark Butler Foundation Series: Simple Steps to a Better Position

Sound Schooling is pleased to welcome dressage rider and trainer Mark Butler and launch the first in his download series ‘Simple Steps to a Better Position’. This ridden audio download focuses on the rider’s position, and offers simple sculpting techniques to help improve balance and posture.

Mark’s wealth of experience and attention to detail bring together a set of valuable exercises that riders can use to improve their position, balance and posture as part of their daily routine. Throughout the download Mark will clearly explain how with subtle changes and the ability to self-monitor, improvements can be made to each and every rider regardless of level or riding experience.

Having spent many years training with some of the world’s finest trainers himself, including Arthur Kottas, Charles de Kunffy, Klaus Balkenhol and more recently Olympic dressage rider, Emile Faurie, Mark fully understands the importance of the riders seat and how improving this can affect the horse’s way of going. “It’s very easy to develop bad habits when riding alone, but the exercises in this new audio download give you the opportunity to not only correct your position but to improve it as well”.

‘Test Warm-Up and Preparation’

In addition Sound Schooling are adding to the popular “warm-up download series “ by Kim Ratcliffe, this comprehensive guided warm-up session from British Dressage List 1 Judge and Trainer is now available.

‘Test Warm-Up and Preparation’ will warm up both you and your horse thoroughly in walk, trot and canter, allowing you to follow this session with a dressage test at a competition in mind, or at home as an alternative warm-up session. The lesson will focus on your working your horse positively forwards into a connection with balance, and help you to practice the movements and shapes found in dressage tests at Novice and Elementary levels.

About Sound Schooling

Sound Schooling believes that schooling your horse or pony should be fun and rewarding, and that everyone should be able to benefit from top trainers. Sound Schooling provides affordable and inspirational audio downloads for riders, including music to ride to by Tom Hunt.

Sound Schooling audio lessons can help if you’ve ever found it difficult to think up ideas for your schooling sessions, want to learn or practice new movements, or simply want to have add some variety, structure and discipline to your riding. They are designed to be listened to on your MP3 player whilst you ride – with an expert in your ear!


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