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Body Armour Fit for (Mary) Kings

Rodney Powell Sponsor Mary & Emily King

Mary and Emily King have added Rodney Powell Body Protectors to their list of sponsors. The mother and daughter duo have been kitted out with new Elite X2ESP body protectors customised in their respective team colours. Conforming to the latest safety standards, the Elite X2ESP is designed to be lightweight, flexible and breathable for maximum comfort.

“Body armour is obviously important in such a high risk sport,” said Mary, “but it’s also important to be comfortable as you don’t want to be distracted when you’re riding. Rodney Powell Body Protectors provide us with reassurance we need whilst being flexible and comfortable to wear. Once on, you forget that you’re wearing it which leaves us free to get on and focus on the job in hand.”

Manufactured in heat responsive foam, the Elite X2ESP moulds to the wearer’s shape while a reinforced column down the centre of the back panel offers enhanced spinal protection over and above that required in testing. A comprehensive choice of bespoke colours and patterns are available on request.

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